Benefits of Using Google Analytics 


Google Analytics’ is a web analytics service offered by Google Company that helps you track and report the traffic on your website. After getting launched in November 2005, this service is now the best and most widely used web analytics service on the internet.

Analytics’ refers to the analysis, processing, collection, and reporting of internet data to gain knowledge and optimising the web usage. This helps a person to observe and analyze a visitor’s behavior towards a particular website. It is a kind of free tool for tracking the information about visitors to your website and it works like a perfect friend during the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns as it enables you to track the crowd each keyword brings to your website.

1. Free of cost availability:
Google Analytics is completely a free tool that is available online and needs no premium purchases or purchases of subscriptions at all. All the features can be accessed at simply no cost. All you need to work is a Gmail account. Thus you don’t need to pay at all for using Google analytics which becomes the first benefit of using it.

2. Gives you a better analysis of the website traffic:
Google Analytics gives you a better analysis of the traffic on your website. It shows you what is bringing visitors to your website and which kind of keywords you need to use more to attract more visitors. It gives you a complete analysis of the method or way by which the crowd on your website has reached you. It also tells you if the visitors are organic or paid or if they have come through a referral link from other websites.

3. Gives you the information you need about your visitors:
Google analytics’ provides you with the information that you need about the visitors of your website. It exactly tells you about the areas of the world from where your website is attracting its visitors. Moreover, it also helps you modify your methods of making advertisements to attract new visitors and to keep the old visitors addicted to your website.

4. Gives you a detailed analysis of your performance:
Google analytics’ provides you with a detailed analysis of your performance by studying which you can easily determine the popularity of your page or pages. You can thus work on improving the content of less popular pages in a better way & besides this; you can work on increasing the traffic on popular pages furthermore.

5. Tells how relevancy of the information you post:
If you have not posted anything relevant on your page, it is but obvious that most of the visitors will move on simply after visiting a single page of your website and they won’t browse your complete website at all. Sometimes your keywords are slightly misleading which is why the visitors of your website gets diverted. Google Analytics’ tells you how relevant information you post by giving you an analysis of all such factors. Talking about the overall benefit,
it helps you in dealing and managing the traffic on your website and in taking measures to deal with the traffic the way you want.

Feeling lost? Watch this tutorial on Google Analytics:




How To Start a Web Design Business


Starting a web hosting business is great, why? High return, lucrative market, if you know how to, you can have low overhead cost. In this industry, you’ll find more competitors online a lot of people know that it’s a money machine industry. There is a large variety of things you can do on the worldwide web. In fact, more and more people these days have fully maximised their internet usage from sourcing out research material, socializing, shopping and money-making. Yes, you can make money online and often it can be done right in the comfort of your home. Do you have any web designing skills? Then, why not start a web design business from the comfort of your home?

To be able to reach more people, entrepreneurs launched their business online. To do this, they need the services of web designers to make high-quality websites to attract more and more consumers. Venturing into a web designing business is an excellent option to work at home giving you the full control over your time, and the work type and clients whom you will be working with.

Here are some useful pointers in starting a home-based web design business:

  • Expand your web designing skills by enrolling in the web designing enhancement classes and programs either offline or online. This is very important for you to be able to deliver top-quality web design by being updated with the modern trend in the industry and provide the finest service possible.
  • Figure out if the government will require you to get a permit even if you work at home. You must also disclose your plans of starting a work-from-home business either to your landlord if you are renting or the management of the Homeowner Association to make sure that you can operate a home-based business.
  • If government permits are required, ensure to meet them up and have your work-from-home business venture registered at the local state with its respective licenses and permits.
  • Make a detailed strategic plan that reflects an easy step by step ways of getting new clients and maintain existing clients. Employ this strategic marketing plan both to your offline and online clients. Also, get involved in different networking events to build strong affiliations and improve your business as well.
  • Hire the services of a lawyer to make a business contract containing the relevant information about the scoop of work, mode of payment, rights of the work and the conditions of terminating the contract. Otherwise, you may find some work statement template on the internet and modify it according to your preferences in case you cannot afford lawyer fees. This is very important as this will protect you in case problems arise about the work.
  • Keep records for accounting purposes. There are various accounting software programs to help you trace the cash flow of your home-based web design business for tax reasons.
  • Gather all your creations and make a portfolio so that clients can see your web designing capabilities. Offering discounted rates helps in attracting customers especially for novices in this field.

Going through the tips as mentioned above will surely assist you with starting your own web design business at home and reap the benefits that come with it.


3 Key Things Your Website is Missing


You could be missing out or losing traffic due to missing key elements in your website. Your website may also fail to reach its full potential because of lack of vital elements that may be affecting your conversion rates. Well, we have put together a list of three fundamental things your website may be missing to help you get the most out of your site.

1. Mobile Friendly Design
It goes without saying that mobile and computer usage is on the rise. Every other person seems to be using their smartphone these days to surf the internet, and you should take advantage of this. Phones are not for making calls alone anymore- people use them to buy things online, stay connected with their loved ones and friends, and show off pictures of their critical moments in life.

That’s why you need to have a mechanism that accommodates mobile phone users on your site. In fact, search engines such as Google have begun using this as one of their ranking factors along with speeds and content. Now, what this means is that if your website lacks a mobile-friendly design, then you may be forced out of search engines top rankings.

So, if your website visitors have to pinch and zoom so as to read content in your site, then your site may be downgraded. We highly recommend that your website to either run a mobile alternative or responsive design developed with a great viewing experience that caters for all device, all while keeping your website structure intact.

2. Social Media Integration
Virtually everyone these days is active on a social media platform. It is therefore important to connect directly with your potential customers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Hold social media campaigns and make sure they are linked from your website so that your customers can connect with you. If you have not setup your social media accounts, you can talk to experts to have that done for you.

3. Call to Action Buttons
Besides providing a potential for leads, CTA’s are key when it comes to increasing conversion rates. Call to action will help you reach your goals such as getting subscribers or contact information in exchange for some offers such as an eBook or any valuable offer. This gives you an opportunity to connect with these subscribers in future. Failure to have call-to-action buttons in the right places can cost you a lot of traffic as you will be leaving your reader confused on where to go or what to do next.









5 Tips For Helping Your Website Rank in Google


Many Google ranking tips deal with obtaining incoming links (or backlinks as they are also known) to your website. — and for an excellent cause. The more good quality incoming links (determined by the rank of the site that the link comes from and the relevance of the keyword) you have, the higher your Google Page Rank is going to be and the greater number of visible you’ll be to your prospects and customers. Here are five tricks to increase your website’s rank in google.

Submit your site to search engine directories. Some lists demand payment, but many of them are free. If you are with limited funds, stick to the free ones. These could allow you to get some free links back to your site. Sign up with as much as you can. The greater number of links you have into your site, the better your web page rank.

This tip is among the most overlooked but best of Google ranking tips. Become a member of forums that are strongly related your business. When you participate in discussion boards and include the link to your website with your signature, you’ll get links back to your site. Now, this is a very efficient method to establish your popularity within your industry and raise your page rank as well.

Make an ezine (or newsletter). Making an effort to create a newsletter that you could distribute to subscribers is certainly important. Doing this keeps your visitors updated with what you are doing and brings them back to check out your site on a consistent basis. You may also submit your ezine to an ezine directory which will link back to your site and provide you with more free incoming links.

Take advantage of article marketing. If you can create (or hire a person to do it for you) articles that refer to your business, with your site information at the bottom, and publish them on article directories, you will get more links and traffic.

Ask for links from related sites’ webmasters. It is a rather “old-school” strategy but is still potent, albeit frustrating and time-consuming. Locate websites that are related to your business and write to their website owners requesting that they link back to you. Some won’t answer you. A few will say “no.” Several will ask you to link to them too — and other people will just link to you.

You’ve got greater chances of obtaining the results you need with this if your website contains useful content. While it is true that your ultimate goal is to have high-rank websites linking to yours, you can start out with virtually any rank (provided that the content is useful and highly relevant to what you have to offer). As you generate more links to your site, your Google rank will increase as well, and you will be capable of enticing the higher ranking websites.

These are simply a few things, along with maintaining useful content and good design, that you could remember to improve your Google web ranking. Hopefully, these five tips will help you reach the ranking and collect the traffic that you wish to.

How to Spot Inexperienced Freelance Designers


The internet has made it incredibly easy for businesses and individuals to harness talent worldwide. Sure, you’d have plenty of people to hire from, but the problem lies in filtering out amateur or inexperienced freelancers. After all, your website is equivalent to a front office, and you can only afford to settle for nothing but the best. Here are a few ways you can spot designers who are new on the block or only trying to rip you off:

1. The Pricing Is Too Good to Be True
If your prospect quotes, a price is that well below industry standards, chances are that they are trying to build a portfolio first. Designers who are trying to land gigs at any cost are the only ones who are extensively fiddling with the prices. You have to realize that this isn’t an easy job. People who are willing to put in a sincere effort will never undercharge you. The takeaway is simple – great websites don’t come cheap.

2. Content Doesn’t Come Inbuilt
Experienced website designers know the importance of good content – it’s a traffic magnet. In fact, developers go to great lengths to make sure that the content is organic, matching Google’s expectations. If your prospective designer tells you to write the content yourself, then you’re negotiating a bad deal.

3. No Questions Asked
No designer on the planet can build an effective website without studying the target audience. Professionals take various factors into consideration and try to put themselves in your ideal customer’s shoes before they even put on their creative hats, so you’ll need to answer a lot of questions. If your prospect doesn’t take the effort to understand your business or your target audience, you need to look for someone else.

4. You’re Being Promised a 24-Hour Delivery
If you fall for this, you really have to ask yourself – why would businesses take great pains to invest time and money when they can get websites made in a day? Pre-built websites are a recent trend in the web solutions industry. Essentially, these designers build one website and sell it to 100s of clients. How? These scammers only tweak the images, the fonts, and the colors so that it appears new on the surface. They lack the experience or the know how to build everything from scratch. Such websites will never get you anywhere on the SERP rankings and it’s something you need to avoid entertaining at all costs.

How Do I Find a Great Freelance Designer?
An experienced freelancer will have plenty of ratings and testimonials from past customers. You will be asked plenty of questions. A portfolio may also be shown to you upon request. Finally, the pricing and support will be fair – no miraculous claims and no hidden charges! Take a look at these tips below:





How to Get Good Clients


Despite what people tell you, getting clients for your web design business is simple. However, it may not be necessarily easy, but it’s simple. Simple, and easy are not the same.

Creating a good plan for acquiring clients is straightforward. Now, doing this is the simple part. Unfortunately, it’s being disciplined and following the plan is the most difficult part of the equation. This is the part in which it is not “easy.” Nevertheless, it’s best that you are equipped with a good plan to begin your journey. Hence, below are a few tips that you can incorporate into your plan for getting clients for your web design business.

Having The Right Tools
Unless you are lucky, clients will rarely land on your lap on their own. To increase your chances, you will have to get the right tools and connections. Your first order of business is your website. Make sure that’s it’s optimized, easily navigatable and looks clean and good. After all, you are in the business of making websites.

The next tool in your toolbox is social media. You don’t have to be on every social media sites. Just stick to the ones where your target market is usually hanging out. If your target is women, then Pinterest is a great idea. If you’re targeting the corporate type, then LinkedIn is a great social media site for you.

It’s also a good idea to start a blog. A blog is a great way of showcasing your knowledge and skills about web design. Hence, it’s a great way of creating authority.

Work With Clients
If you want to succeed in this business, then you must learn how to work with clients. A good rule to remember is, web design is mostly a relationship business. What you can do is to be more personal. You must learn how to communicate to potential clients that you understand their problem and you are here to help them solve it.

Proper Pricing
Knowing how to properly price your service is one of “make or break” factor. Hence, accurately pricing your service is something that you should master. If you price right, then your existing customers would gladly recommend you to others.

Here’s the thing that you should know about pricing, it’s all about value. People usually do not mind paying a “high price” if the value you provide outweighs the price.

So, that’s it for now. Once you have incorporated the tips above and some more, you’re on your way to formulating a good plan. When that’s done, all you need to do is being consistent on implementation. Keep at it. Sooner or later, clients will come in droves.

Disadvantages of Working with Offshore Designers


There are a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages of hiring, designing, and working with off-shore partners. In some cases, all of the benefits can be just as equally important, if not more important, than the disadvantages. However, in this informative article, we are going to try to focus solely on all of the difficulties of the resources as mentioned above. In some cases, it can be more helpful and beneficial to know and understand the cons more than the pros. It is probably not something that you are going to want to be missing out on, especially when on a budget.

1. Social, Society, and Cultural Differences
To start off, there are a lot of cultural and social differences. There will have to be some varying degree of adjustment when it comes to your company learned to communicate with as well as accept all of the different language and cultural differences of whatever the third-party provider is.

An excellent example of this is trying to hire third-party companies in Indonesia, India, or the Philippines. You will end up needing to develop and the somewhat knowledgeable idea of their beliefs as well as their practices. This may, in turn, mess up your work schedule when it comes to holidays and other special days alike, both domestic and abroad.

2. Time Differences
As I am sure you already know, one of the leading things that happen when companies are forming, or even merely trotting along, are meetings. Meetings are more than essential, quintessential also, to the livelihood and welfare of the business. Crucial details, as well as vital changes in workflow or any other manner of things, are usually communicated via meetings.

If you have not already caught on to what the issue is, it is simple. Time differences, anywhere from 3-4 hours all the way up to 6-12 hour time differences can conflict horribly with work schedules, when at home and when overseas. You just can’t ask people to get up at three in the morning to host a meeting, and vice versa. Sessions cannot happen on a Friday night at nine in the evening when it is Thursday at three for the other party!

3. Communication Problems
One of the most outstanding problems, topped only by time differences, is the communication… or lack thereof. A cheaply hired company in India simply will not be able to efficiently work with a group in the United States or in England because the language is so crucial to the development of the team, which in turn means that things will end up never getting done.

As you can see, there are a lot of problems that come with outsourcing (Read More) work and hiring abroad. Time differences, language issues, and all sorts of other things can seriously get in the way of the productivity of your company. You don’t want to be a banking firm or software development company, and inadvertently end up reenacting the tower of Babel.

Problems Clients Have with Freelance Designers 

Being a startup company, or a senior one, and needing a new website can be a genuinely edgy and harrowing fork in the road. However, what can prove to be even more touchy and unsafe, is hiring freelance designers.

Hiring freelance designers can be risky sometimes, but they have proven time and time again to be an entirely fantastic way to generate the content on your page and to grow and eventually scale your business. Hiring freelance designers that you have not worked with before, or at least have some background information on, can sometimes be very unsafe.

As someone who is looking for a new website to be created for them, and as someone who has been doing their research on who to hire to create a new site, you have probably heard the stores. You are always hearing about how unreliable freelance designers can sometimes be, all the way from horrid Fiverr cheap design gigs, to downright scammy and undeserving fishy freelance designer tricks.

The foremost problem is being able to have a reliable and professional relationship with your newly hired freelance designer. Working with someone that you do not know is daunting, don’t get us wrong, but what if your freelance designer decides that they don’t like your work anymore? What if they choose to merely dip right out of town and take your hard-earned money with them?

Of course, we would not be telling you this if it was not something that had not only happened in the past but if it was also something that continues to occur on a daily basis. Trust and reliability, as well as a healthy relationship, are just a few of the critical factors in a solid partnership with your freshly hired and somewhat amateur freelance web designer!

One of the main issues to be found with hiring freelance designers is that they are usually very, very far from professional. This goes to say that anything that has to do with the concept of payment, deadlines, professionality and anything else that you would find if you were not hiring a freelance web design artist goes entirely out the window.

Some freelance designers will not want to sign a contract or pay a proper deposit. These are serious issues within the realm of ordering services from, as well as hiring, freelance designers.

It is usually a better idea to hire a professional agency or person to commit to. Professional organizations have a tendency always to be very customer oriented, as well as being secure and honest on deadlines and other important things such as contracts and payments. It is true that you can sometimes get a ‘better deal’ with freelance web designers, though. Because every freelance artist is entirely different and in a different pair of shoes, prices, as well as competence and quality, will vary from time to time.

Here’s some tips and lessons learned from another business person on hiring freelancers:



Become a Successful Web Designer With These Important Web Design Secrets

If you want a truly awesome website there are some web design secrets that you need to know. These secrets are important. Using them creates a website that brings you lots of relevant traffic. Not using creates a website that is sluggish and boring.

While there are a good number of things to keep in mind when creating a web page, and a lot of good advice for designing the perfect web page for your site, the following five web design secrets can help you to get a great start in creating an easy-to-use site that will rank high on the search lists.

Secret #1: Your Titles Need to Make Sense

This may sound silly (of course your titles should make sense!) but so many website owners are as concerned with packing in as many keywords as possible that they fail to take good grammar into account. With that in mind, make sure that the titles and subtitles on your pages make sense grammatically – and logically too of course.

Secret #2: Don’t Use Page Counters

As cool as it may seem to have your website “count” incoming visitors, with today’s technological advances any web host with any credibility already has ways to let you know precisely how many visitors you have. A counter only makes you look like an amateur. This is especially true if those who visit your site have sites or blogs of their own and therefore know that you don’t really need the counter. In addition, page counters can actually cause problems with your design, especially if you have to cut and paste them or if they come with attached codes from other web sites that are looking to attract more traffic to their own site.

Secret #3: Do Not Try Any Underhanded Tricks to Fool Search Engines

As clever as some of these tricks for generating traffic to your site may seem, don’t use them! Many of the tricks you see advertised by “successful” webmasters (like putting tons of key words on the pages in invisible text or using non-organic back links) may have had limited success in the past, but the search engines are very savvy. This is especially true of Google. Try using any of these or a dozen other tricks on Google and you might as well kiss your web site goodbye.

Secret #4: Don’t Put Background Music on Your Webpage

Yes, it is understandable that you might want to set the mood for your website, and in some cases, it can actually add to the flavor of the website. But in most cases it is inadvisable first because it is annoying to the user (especially if they are viewing the page in a work setting) and secondly because music files can take up a great deal of space, causing your page to take longer to load. And if browsers have to wait too long for the page to load, chances are that they will go someone else.

Secret #5: Try Not to Use Frame Sets

Yes, HTML is difficult to arrange (layout wise) but today CSS positioning is much easier and is well supported by most of the major browsers, which makes frame sets obsolete in most cases. In fact, there are other reasons to avoid frame sets as well. These include the difficulty most beginners have in putting them together properly as well as their tendency to make the website more complicated than necessary as well as the difficulties they can cause the search engines that are crawling your site.

Putting it All Together

While these are not the only bits of advice that you can use to make your website manageable, they can help you in getting a jump-start on creating a website using website templates that will generate the most legitimate web traffic available and bring you far more business than you ever dreamed possible.

Of course, if you really want to take advantage of professional techniques, you can hire a professional web designer who can use all the web design secrets to help you to create an SEO optimized website that will truly represent you.