Benefits of Using Google Analytics 


Google Analytics’ is a web analytics service offered by Google Company that helps you track and report the traffic on your website. After getting launched in November 2005, this service is now the best and most widely used web analytics service on the internet.

Analytics’ refers to the analysis, processing, collection, and reporting of internet data to gain knowledge and optimising the web usage. This helps a person to observe and analyze a visitor’s behavior towards a particular website. It is a kind of free tool for tracking the information about visitors to your website and it works like a perfect friend during the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns as it enables you to track the crowd each keyword brings to your website.

1. Free of cost availability:
Google Analytics is completely a free tool that is available online and needs no premium purchases or purchases of subscriptions at all. All the features can be accessed at simply no cost. All you need to work is a Gmail account. Thus you don’t need to pay at all for using Google analytics which becomes the first benefit of using it.

2. Gives you a better analysis of the website traffic:
Google Analytics gives you a better analysis of the traffic on your website. It shows you what is bringing visitors to your website and which kind of keywords you need to use more to attract more visitors. It gives you a complete analysis of the method or way by which the crowd on your website has reached you. It also tells you if the visitors are organic or paid or if they have come through a referral link from other websites.

3. Gives you the information you need about your visitors:
Google analytics’ provides you with the information that you need about the visitors of your website. It exactly tells you about the areas of the world from where your website is attracting its visitors. Moreover, it also helps you modify your methods of making advertisements to attract new visitors and to keep the old visitors addicted to your website.

4. Gives you a detailed analysis of your performance:
Google analytics’ provides you with a detailed analysis of your performance by studying which you can easily determine the popularity of your page or pages. You can thus work on improving the content of less popular pages in a better way & besides this; you can work on increasing the traffic on popular pages furthermore.

5. Tells how relevancy of the information you post:
If you have not posted anything relevant on your page, it is but obvious that most of the visitors will move on simply after visiting a single page of your website and they won’t browse your complete website at all. Sometimes your keywords are slightly misleading which is why the visitors of your website gets diverted. Google Analytics’ tells you how relevant information you post by giving you an analysis of all such factors. Talking about the overall benefit,
it helps you in dealing and managing the traffic on your website and in taking measures to deal with the traffic the way you want.

Feeling lost? Watch this tutorial on Google Analytics: