How to Spot Inexperienced Freelance Designers


The internet has made it incredibly easy for businesses and individuals to harness talent worldwide. Sure, you’d have plenty of people to hire from, but the problem lies in filtering out amateur or inexperienced freelancers. After all, your website is equivalent to a front office, and you can only afford to settle for nothing but the best. Here are a few ways you can spot designers who are new on the block or only trying to rip you off:

1. The Pricing Is Too Good to Be True
If your prospect quotes, a price is that well below industry standards, chances are that they are trying to build a portfolio first. Designers who are trying to land gigs at any cost are the only ones who are extensively fiddling with the prices. You have to realize that this isn’t an easy job. People who are willing to put in a sincere effort will never undercharge you. The takeaway is simple – great websites don’t come cheap.

2. Content Doesn’t Come Inbuilt
Experienced website designers know the importance of good content – it’s a traffic magnet. In fact, developers go to great lengths to make sure that the content is organic, matching Google’s expectations. If your prospective designer tells you to write the content yourself, then you’re negotiating a bad deal.

3. No Questions Asked
No designer on the planet can build an effective website without studying the target audience. Professionals take various factors into consideration and try to put themselves in your ideal customer’s shoes before they even put on their creative hats, so you’ll need to answer a lot of questions. If your prospect doesn’t take the effort to understand your business or your target audience, you need to look for someone else.

4. You’re Being Promised a 24-Hour Delivery
If you fall for this, you really have to ask yourself – why would businesses take great pains to invest time and money when they can get websites made in a day? Pre-built websites are a recent trend in the web solutions industry. Essentially, these designers build one website and sell it to 100s of clients. How? These scammers only tweak the images, the fonts, and the colors so that it appears new on the surface. They lack the experience or the know how to build everything from scratch. Such websites will never get you anywhere on the SERP rankings and it’s something you need to avoid entertaining at all costs.

How Do I Find a Great Freelance Designer?
An experienced freelancer will have plenty of ratings and testimonials from past customers. You will be asked plenty of questions. A portfolio may also be shown to you upon request. Finally, the pricing and support will be fair – no miraculous claims and no hidden charges! Take a look at these tips below: